Faith & Spirituality
Please note that these links are provided for information and that the web sites concerned do not necessarily represent the views of the Highland LGBT Forum and we are not responsible for their content.

Rev. Peter Nimmo of the Old High Church & St Stephen's Church in Inverness is happy to talk with any LGBT people (of any denomination) about any issues they may have regarding their faith. He organised some education events in church on same-sex relationships and the ministry - visit the church website for details. Click here to contact him.

Useful links include:

  • Affirmation Scotland - a group of LGB Christians in the Church of Scotland. The web site has a downloadable resource pack (in 4 PDFs) which includes personal testimonies and theological info, plus suggestions for group exercises.
  • OneKirk - committed to working for an inclusive, affirming and progressive church
  • Highland Spiritual Cinema - monthly film screenings in Inverness
  • Findhorn Foundation - spiritual community, education centre, ecovillage in Moray. Amongst other things, they organise various LGBTQ workshops during the year - visit their web site for details
In August 2011 Rev Peter Nimmo at the Old High St Stephen's Church in Inverness organised a visit by the Rev Blair Robertson who is Convenor of Affirmation Scotland, which seeks 'the affirmation and dignity of lesbian and gay Christians within the church'.